‘Untitled’ – Video


‘Untitled’ is a film experiment with movement, light, time, chance and 18mm film.

With movements based on improvisation and lights, which flash randomly and through the use of just one take per shot (with a total of three different shots), we experimented with of randomness. By inviting coincidences and accidents to happen, serendipity gets a free play to appear as much as possible. By the use of light flashes, a space offering the chance for still images is also created; a picture that still shows itself on the retina for a split of a second after the image of the dancer is gone.

By making use of 25 frames per second, 50 frames per second and 100 frames per second, we slowed down time during the video. In this way time almost seems to stop and one is able to analyse the movements of the dancer.

A film by Tanja Kononenko and Kim Schonewille
Duration 04:17 min.
Berlin, Germany, 2008