‘The rare moments of synced entities’ – Video installation


‘The rare moments of synced entities’ is a triple screen video loop of 12 minutes where the camera is observing the skin and movements of a young woman. The same camera shot is shown in each of the video projections. They are placed next to each other. Each video starts playing at the same beginning of the video and have a different starting point of the video. Although the movements of the dancer seems to come closer to one another as they become more in sync with each other. Could it be possible the entities will meet and all shots will be synced in movement? Who follows who? Who leads when?
This video shows the rare moments in our lifetime that one entity is synced with another entity and how quick this shared moment can be lost again.

A video fragment of ‘The rare moments of synced entities’ 

The video installation is shown in a space where the video images surrounds the spectator. The bodies are projected on a large scale next to each other and sometimes on top of each other. The way of presenting the video images are depending on the space of the exhibition room.


Choreography Annika Pannitto
Dance Elisa D’Amico
Video Kim Schonewille

Milan, Italy