‘The Hair Archive’ – Site-specific intervention at the Van Abbemuseum


Video documentation of ‘The Hair Archive’ at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

The Hair Archive is a site-specific intervention, created for and exhibited at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. My work existed of a sound installation, an archive of hair, Polaroid pictures and a performance in and around the cloakroom and entrance hall of the museum. During opening hours I started collecting hair from the visitors of the museum. These hairs were mainly taken of the jackets in the cloakroom. Meanwhile an audio work was played in English and Dutch warning the visitors with the following information: “Ladies and gentlemen, leaving your hair in the wardrobe is at your own risk.”

The moment I found a hair on someone’s personal belongings, I took a Polaroid picture of the hair. With rubber gloves I carefully collected the hair with tweezers and stored it into the hair archive. The hair was labeled with the date and time from the moment of discovery. This information was also written on the white bar underneath the Polaroid pictures. The pictures were stored in a separate photo archive, next to the hair archive. With gloves the public could interact with the installation by browsing through the pictures and matching them with the hair with a similar date.

The Hair Archive consists of a sound installation, installation archive, photography and performance in the cloakroom and the entrance hall of the Van Abbemuseum.


The Hair Archive1










 ‘The Hair Archive’ – Performance of collecting photographic images of the hair on the jacket of the museum visitors

The Hair Archive2










‘The Hair Archive’ – Image of the Polaroid photo archive of the jackets of the museum visitors

The Hair Archive3









‘The Hair Archive’ – Image of the Hair Archive with a Polaroid photo of the jackets of the museum visitors

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
September 2014