‘Production of Space’ – Video


How do our bodies produce space? What is the difference and overlap between the space of the self and the space of the other? Do we want to come together or do we want to isolate ourselves from the other?

This video work is part of the research project ‘Piazza’ by Annika Pannitto and Kim Schonewille. Piazza has at its core the investigation on theme of the production of space from the body in motion. The dance of Piazza is based on a constant shift of focus from the body that makes space through movement and movement as an object itself and a shared property.

In this video I researched the production of space and movement within the borders of the video screen, the video frame.

Choreography Annika Pannitto
Dance Annika Pannitto and Elisa D’Amico
Video Kim Schonewille

Porcari, Italy