‘Madame de Berry’ – Video


Always hunting for people with special stories, I walked in my city and came across a gateway that is usually closed and I couldn’t stop myself from sneak peeking. I walked inside the portal and I saw a house that was transformed into an extremely colourful dream palace. The door opened up by itself and I invited myself to go inside. I went upstairs and to sat down into a very comfortable chair in between a few unknown accidental visitors. Madame de Berry sang her fragile love songs to us while playing the piano severely. After being in another world for 15 minutes, Madame walked out of the room and the public was invited to leave the house. After being put out on the streets in a state of absurdity, the door of the gateway closed. It felt as it had never really happened.

Film poster Madame de Berry

‘Madame de Berry’ is an English/Dutch video about the women behind Berry Visser. Berry Visser is one of the founders of Mojo Concerts and organizer of the legendary Holland Pop Festival in The Netherlands in 1970. For this three-day festival, Berry personally invited bands to play. Some names are; Pink Floyd, Santana, Jefferson Airplane and The Byrds. After selling Mojo Concerts, Berry had time to develop his personal theory of life within his physical dream world. His vision seems to be told more comfortably by transforming himself into a woman. Madame de Berry mixes fantasy and reality and invites you to join her mind. She flees from transience and plays with time by travelling at the speed of light. She faces her own tragic, yet simultaneously beautiful, destiny by using of humour. In her eclectic space and in the presence of special characters, she shares her inner perception, where she focuses on souls, conscience and serendipity.

Duration: 26:00 min.
Delft (the Netherlands), 2014

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Video stills ‘Madame de Berry’

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