‘Flexible Faces’ – Video installation


Vanity, Transience, Claustrophobia and Force Majeure

‘Flexible Faces’ is a 3D video installation where fourteen different faces appear and disappear alternately on a black background. The faces move slowly, flattened against the foil, and seem to interact with each other now and then. This video is projected on fog between two layers of transparent foil. Thereby an analogue 3D film effect is created; this is achieved by the diverging beam that creates a smaller image on the nearer foil and a larger image on the foil further away. The fog that is stuck in between these layers of foil is showing the transition between the two projected images.

Video documentation of the video installations during exhibitions:

The video is not projected from the front, but from the back, of the installation, so that the beam shines right through the fog into the eyes of the viewer. The different faces in the video show up the clearest when the viewer looks straight into the projected beam. From that specific location the images of the other faces are less visible. In this way each viewer will have a different personal experience, at the same moment.

HD video 3D video installation
Loop of 12:38 min.
Delft, The Netherlands, 2010