‘Consequential Movement’ – Video


Dances Beneath the Oak1


‘Consequential Movement’ is the second video work that came out of the collaborative research project of Annika Pannitto and me. The dance Consequential Movement is about a physical practice where movement is a chain of events that finds its articulation in the body. With this last video we explored working with different borders of the dancers together with the camera. We didn’t instruct the dancers to only move for, but also with, the camera. Therefore the camera, and the viewer, becomes involved as a part of the space of the dancers. To explore this further we also worked with the medium of video itself, by showing the contrast between sharpness and blurring of the image, the effect of directing the dancers, and the different roles the dancers take; the change from the formal performer to the informal self. Where moments of pressure and release finds place.

In the next step of research project, we experimented with different possibilities of integrating video and dance into a performance and will try to create a dialogue between them.

Choreography Annika Pannitto
Dance Elisa D’Amico, Coralie Meinguet and Fariza Achoendova
Video Kim Schonewille

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014